Cacao Ceremonies Including Breathwork & Sound Healing by Reanne

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Sunday 13th August
02.00pm - 04.00pm
Grange Hall Brisbane

Who am I

I am a certified healing  practitioner since 2012 trained in a suite of modalities.

Why Cacao?

As a healing tool Cacao is effectual on so many levels. It is reputed to assist with many levels of change in the body both physical spiritual and psychological.

Why Breathwork?

Breathwork accesses deepest recesses of the body mind enabling clearing of issues on many levels.

Why Sound Healing?

Sound healing has an eternity of proof behind it being used by medicine people worldwide for the movement of various “stuck” type issues.

Private sessions available by appointment
more group sessions ticket releases will be coming soon

The Physical Health Benefits Of Cacao

Raw Cacao used for centuries is chock full of antioxidants known as flavanols. Medical science research shows that flavanols are beneficial to your body on many levels including:
Stress Reduction
Dark chocolate has been shown to reduce stress, boosting mental and physical health. Can assist with depression. Great source of serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine.
Improvements in Cognition
Epicatechin a specific flavanol found in cacao has been shown that it may help with brain health including cognition and blood flow with the potential to reduce dementia.
Heart Protective
Flavanol-rich foods have shown that they may assist to lower blood pressure improving blood vessels wall function thereby lowering your risk of heart disease.
Digestive Health Improvement
Fatty chain acids are eaten by cacao fiber in the gut aiding digestive systemically. Drinking Cacao may also increase good gut bacteria.
Lowers Risk of Diabetes 
Eating cacao may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes as has been shown in some studies.
Nutritional Benefits
Raw cacao has shown to be a reliable source of bioavailable Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous.
Highest plant source of iron 7.3mg per 100grams.
Cautions: Taking too much cacao when pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful and not advised. Very toxic for dogs and cats because of the compound theobromine.


Cacao is rich in phenethylamine chemicals called P.E.A.

These compounds have been associated with feeling good and falling in love.

David Wolfe

The Benefits Of Breathwork

If you’re looking for a powerful transformational journey then a circular breathwork ceremony is a method to release stress, tension and trauma from the body.

Deep dysfunctional patterns, old wounds and even ancestor lineage challenges can be realised, released and transmuted or transformed to regain lost parts of your soul whilst you are living in this time line. Recovery of your self magic empowering you to be the divine self once forgotten. The wholeness of healing brings opportunity, new beginnings and a new found sense of freedom into not only your life but the lives of those about you whom you love. Bringing the loving self that you are to the world stage you live on.

An experiential journey where wisdom and healing are gained in alignment with each individual’s inner experience and needs. Breathing your way to a blissful state of relaxation and oneness with self.

Your assistant Reanne will guide you through the inner landscape encouraging you to collect lost soul parts through breath healing all inner connections and breathing away challenges to who you really are on a deeper level.

In a sacred ceremony space you will be guided through timeless rituals of smudging with , invocation of spirit guides, archangels and ascended masters lying down, focusing on surrendering to the process you will breathe into letting go to the beat of ancient drumming, rattles and singing crystal chalices connecting to your sound and breath induced journey.

Following is a list of some of the most common contraindications for breathwork:

• Cardiovascular problems
• High or abnormal blood pressure
• History of aneurisms
• Epilepsy or history of seizures
• Anyone on heavy medication
• Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia
• Bipolar depression
• Recent surgery
• Glaucoma
• Pregnancy
• An active addiction
• Any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support
• Anyone experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis

Tones themselves correspond with and affect specific areas of the body.

The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganise the body’s structure.

Sounds that are harmonious, activate the body and create healing.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library - Barbara Marciniak

What Is Sound Healing?

Cellularly sound healing works by triggering instant genetic change. 
Healing frequences can also target dysfunctional cellular patterning like abnormal growths by re-tuning the body frequencies.
Exposure to certain sound frequencies alters brain and body activities promoting lower stress and higher self-healing responses.
Lower vibration frequencies are perceived to cause irritation and negative on flowing effects on the body.
Higher frequencies are often used for healing purposes as an alternative medicine. 

Reanne uses custom made crystal chalices tuned into healing frequencies to heal the mind, heart and body. 

Healing frequency 432Hz for stimulating the heart chakra. Healing frequency 432Hz improves mental and emotional clarity and is associated with a higher level of spiritual development. It is also known to reduce anxiety, lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Healing frequency 440Hz activates and balances the third eye and assists in cognitive development.

Healing frequency 528Hz  is the love frequency used to bless, heal and manifest miracles. It is also used to repair broken DNA. Healing frequency 396Hz releases guilt, fear, stress, worry and anxiety.

Cacao Breathwork Healing Sessions Brisbane

About Reanne

“Passionate and Professional. Committed to Excellence and restoring Lasting Benefits.”

I engage the absolute best cutting edge healing modalities that I have to offer to you.

I was first accredited in 2012 attaining the level of Elite Diplomat using the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. I now offer these exclusive cutting edge techniques making them affordably accessible to you, at my custom designed Mount Tamborine based consulting practice.

My expansive professional background ensures intimate familiarity across the entire spectrum of both allopathic and holistic healing and medical modalities delivering direct to you the depth of all my knowledge with lasting tangible outcomes, total confidentiality, peace of mind, and long term gains throughout all aspects of your health and well being.

Modalities I am trained in:

  • ERCS (emotional release cellular support)
  • Edna (emotional DNA) removes DNA around trauma whilst removing programs
  • B.E.S.T (Bio-energetic synchronization technique)
  • Energetic balancing home and land
  • Sound Healing
  • Cacao Breathwork
Reanne Goes Cacao Breathwork Brisbane
Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Certification Reanne Goes

Session Pricing

Singles $160

Couples $300

Travel fee may apply.

Make contact to be on the list for group session events (group pricing will apply)

Session duration is up to 2 hours in total

*all pricing subject to change without notice.